A piece of art made from assembling of small pieces of colored tiles to enrich your house with lavish design is referred to as mosaic tiles. We often come across questions about difference between mosaic style and accent style; mosaic style is such a tile that are arranged to create a pattern or image. Individual mosaic patterns vary greatly, featuring a multitude of different materials, colors and tile shapes and accent tiles are those which do not have any configuration or image to display by its organization. Popular material that are used in creation of mosaic tiles are glass, natural stone, metal, and porcelain. Actually mosaic is an ancient style or form of dating posterior centuries, and it remains popular in home interior design today. Mosaic tiles are exist in diverse shape and style such as penny round, arabesque, mini brick, basket weave, hexagon, chevron, herring bone etc. whether you want to add a contemporary touch to your kitchen or bring ageless charm into your bathroom mosaic tile is the beautiful to enhance your interior design.


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Glass mosaic is a customary Burmese mosaic made with pieces of glass used to exaggerate decorative art of stylizing interior décor. Square and rectangle are the most common glass mosaic tiles but special designed glass mosaic tiles come in a variety form. There are many advantages of glass mosaic tiles. The top most advantage of using glass mosaic tiles are there elegant design; they can be installed to achieve beautiful design or pattern, the second most biggest benefit of using them is they are easy to clean; they are resistant to stain, mold & mildew, chemical damage and they are not porous, They are also precise tranquil to clean and can be smeared down with a wet cloth or cleaned up with warm water.  These glass mosaic tiles are eco-friendly because it uses roughly half of the energy tom produce a glass mosaic tile. These tiles provide a commendable durability; they are hard to break and if by chance a single glass mosaic tile will break then process of swapping is very faster and easier. For such endowed glass mosaic tiles Chennai visit Shree sati pipe and fittings.